Floral Water Hydrosols

Floral Water Hydrosols

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"Hydrosols" are the water-based products produced alongside essential oils during the steam distillation of plant materials. They have a range of uses, particularly in skincare and aromatherapy, and are appreciated for their milder aroma and gentler effects compared to essential oils. They can be added to clay masks for the added plant benefits, as room or linen sprays, as yoga mat cleaners, and as natural fragrances. Different hydrosols have distinct properties and scents, making them suitable for various applications.


Our favourite ways to use each of our hydrosols: 

1. Ginger: for anti-nausea properties throughout the day, and as an energizing face mist in the early mornings

2. Lavender: as a face mist to soothe sensitive skin, to reduce sebum production, or to calm during times of heightened stress

3. White Rose: as a cleansing toner to help hydrate and restore suppleness to the skin

4. Lemongrass: as a mosquito deterrent, spray directly on skin and/or in areas you do not want bugs to go, or spray onto small cuts and abrasions to harness the aseptic properties of the lemongrass plant

5. Peppermint: as an after-workout face mist or as a spray for yoga mats

Quality Guarantee:

All of our hydrosols are made by hand in small batches using a copper still. We spend time carefully removing the stems of the flowers and hand-cutting our botanical ingredients minutes prior to distillation so our extractions brew from the freshest ingredients. We distill our hydrosols in limited quantities and restrict the hydrosol collection to the optimal brewing period so as not to compromise on the quality.  

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